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Voice & Data

Experience superfast fiber, reliable wireless services, and advanced UCaaS for seamless business connectivity. Upgrade your communication infrastructure with our comprehensive solutions.


In 2024, Opiquad acquired Fox Valley Internet, a leading Fixed Wireless Network Provider in the Chicago metroplex. Our proprietary infrastructure delivers speeds up to 1Gbps, supported by exceptional local technical support.

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Opiquad offers dedicated fiber internet connections with unmatched speed and reliability. Tailored for modern businesses, our fiber solutions provide robust, secure, and dependable internet to meet all your needs.

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Unlock the full potential of communication with Opiquad's VoIP solutions. Enjoy cost savings, advanced features, and exceptional call quality. Contact us today to enhance your business communication.

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Voice | Video | Messaging | File Sharing | Conferencing
Upgrade to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) with Opiquad for a seamless and efficient approach to business communication. Contact us today to discover how our UCaaS solutions can drive your business forward.

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Enhance your business operations with Opiquad's comprehensive cloud solutions. From scalable IaaS to reliable BaaS and resilient DRaaS, we provide the tools you need to thrive in the digital age.

as a Service

Transform your IT with Opiquad's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Achieve unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and innovation with our scalable and reliable infrastructure solutions. Enhance your business operations with the power of Opiquad's IaaS.

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as a Service

Ensure the safety and accessibility of your critical business data with opiquad's Backup as a Service. Contact us today to learn more about our BaaS solutions and how they can protect your business from data loss

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Disaster Recovery
as a Service

Protect your business from disruptions and ensure uninterrupted operations with Opiquad's Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Our solutions safeguard your business from disasters, ensuring resilience and continuity.

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Empower your organization to achieve more with Microsoft Services from Opiquad. Our comprehensive solutions drive innovation and growth, helping your business reach its full potential.

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Experience the advantages of OpiMail for your organization. Tailored to your business needs, OpiMail enhances email and collaboration for improved productivity. Discover how OpiMail can transform your communication experience.

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Protect your digital assets and safeguard against evolving threats with our comprehensive cybersecurity services, ensuring peace of mind and business continuity.

Mail Pack

Ensure you never have to worry about email threats again. This comprehensive SaaS package offers preventive cybersecurity, antispam, antivirus, and backup. Interoperable with all mail services, it includes DAD, Email Backup, and Email Security.

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Protect your organization from cyber threats and secure your network with confidence using Fortinet firewall services. Implement and manage a robust security solution tailored to your business needs.

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and Response

Stay ahead of cyber threats with Ninja One XDR services. Protect your organization from advanced threats and secure your digital assets with a proactive and unified approach to cybersecurity.

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Managed Services

Our world-class managed services optimize IT operations and enhance network performance, keeping your business running smoothly and securely, supporting growth and success.

Asset Monitoring
& Management

Streamline your IT operations and ensure the reliability and performance of your IT infrastructure with Opiquad's Asset Monitoring and Management with RMM services. Implement and manage a proactive and resilient IT environment with ease.

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Maximize the reliability, security, and performance of your local network infrastructure with Opiquad's LAN Management Services. Optimize your LAN to support your organization's growth and success seamlessly.

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Private Wireless

Transform your organization's connectivity with private wireless networks leveraging WiFi 6 technology. Enhance your network performance, reliability, and security with Cambium's innovative solutions.

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